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Some important command used in PCF controls


During PCF controls development and deployment, we execute multiple commands such as creation of project, creation of solution etc.So, in this blog we have consolidate all the commands.Command Lists:

  1. Create new PCF component project

pac pcf init --namespace <namespace name> --name <pcf control name > --template <component type>

  1. For package installation

  • npm install

  • npm i @types/react

  • npm i @types/react-dom

  • npm install @fluentui/react

  1. Run and build

  • npm run build

  • npm start – to run on local machine

  1. Setup and create PCF managed/unmanaged solution

pac solution init --publisher-name <publishername> --publisher-prefix <prefixname>

pac solution add-reference --path “pcf control project path”

msbuild /t:build /restore – Build the PCF control to generate the managed/unmanaged solution

msbuild /p:configuration=Release – This will provide production solution which we can use on production instance.

  1. Connect the PCF control from Visual Studio Developer command prompt or Visual Studio Code

pac auth create --url <dynamic crm environment> - This command will help us to connect CRM with simple sign in page.

pac pcf push --publisher-prefix <publisher name > - This command will help to publish the PCF control.

Note: Publisher name should match with PCF control solution publisher name define during creation of solution files.

pac auth list – This command will helps to see all environments which we have logged in using pac auth create command.

pac auth select --index <index number>- this helps us to switch between environments based on numeric index numb

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