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Create your first Azure Function

Today we will collect some information about how to create azure functions.


1.       Go to and search for Function App as shown below:

2. After clicking the Function App button, we will get below screen and here we need to click the Create button:

3. After clicking, in below screen we need populate below highlighted fields:

In my case I have selected .Net as Code Language for Azure Function as shown below:

Once all fields have been populated then hit “Review + Create” button. The initialization might take a few minutes.

4. Once Deployment done by Azure then below screen will appear:

5. Now click below highlight link:

After this below screen will appear. Here we need to select Development environment as highlighted in screenshot and Triggers for Azure Function:

For the demonstration, I have selected portal and trigger as Http. After selection, we will get the screen below.

In “Code + Test”, we need to write our code by default azure give us some sample code as shown below:

6. Here, to test this code we can click the “Get Function URL” as shown below:

After clicking we will get the screen below.

By using this URL, we can test the Azure Function. To test this, I am using Browser and pasted the same in URL browser as shown below:

While making request I have passed the name attribute to get the proper response from azure function.

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