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Azure Function

Today, we will see some details about azure function like definition, usages, and features.Azure functions –

It is a solution which helps us to write code in different languages such as C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and PowerShell without worrying about infrastructure.

Here Infrastructure stands for server.

For azure functions, we do not have to think about server, hosting, and maintenance. Everything was managed by Azure itself.

Let’s look at some of the key features of the Azure Functions:

1.      Support different programming languages - such as C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and PowerShell.


2.       Serverless computing – As everything managed inside Azure itself. Hence businesspeople/developers do not have plans for any server.  Developers can fully concentrate on business logic implementation.


3.       Pay-per use – You can pay azure consumption based on execution time.


For example, I have one Azure function and execution time is 5min then I only have to pay for 5min.


4.       Add dependencies – We can add different DLL as dependencies into our projects.

For example – We have Visual Studio project in which we are using any third party then this DLL we can load as dependencies.


5.       CI/CD – we can perform the CI/CD with help of Azure function.

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